5月 15,2014
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5月 13,2014
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5月 5,2014
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for memento-moony who suffered the shoujo feels after i introduced this series to her. HEHEH.

5月 5,2014
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SO LOTS OF THINGS HAPPENED. i went through senior year, graduated in march, & i’ve been running around trying to join the labor force. luckily, i got a job!!!! it starts at june. so until then, i’ve been rewatching really nostalgic stuff!

8月 6,2013
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i haven’t caught up with magi in a while :(

8月 5,2013
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i just finished noiz’s route so here, have my feels

7月 31,2013
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modern koujaku would make a handsome bf

7月 27,2013
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7月 25,2013
miu-lullaby-deactivated20140504 said: Your art is pretty *v*

aw thank you! ////

7月 20,2013
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